• Welcome, dooshbassadors!

    Get your doosh on


    If you're here,

    it's because you read our invitation to join the Dooshbassador Society

    (Round Table of the Dooshbassador Knights?

    League of Extraordinary Dooshes?

    Ok, we might be getting carried away),

    and you decided you wanted to be part of this group.

    Step 1

    Just let us know you're downloading the game!

    Step 2

    Download the Dooshbassador package, created just for you

    Step 3

    Can't remember what you're supposed to do now?

    Refer back to the Dooshbassador ReadMe.


    Follow the tips outlined in the package on hosting a doosh/off, 

    what info to send us, 

    and how to get the scoop on new products!

    Thanks for helping get the word out about this awesome game!